Thursday, July 9, 2009

My Favorite Flat Iron

A few months back I finally threw in the towel with my cheap drugstore flat iron. My hair was always frizzy, and it took about 5 passes to get it somewhat straight. And so the search began for the perfect flat iron. I still didn't want to spend too much on it, but I was willing to, if need be. So I ended up at

After searching their inventory, and reading hundreds of reviews, I settled on a Solia. From the reviews, it looked like it was just as good as more expensive irons (like the CHI), but it ran about $40-$50 cheaper. I think I actually ended up paying about $80, and got a nice little salon-style holster for it too.

I absolutely love this thing and wouldn't be without it! It has an adjustable heat setting, so you can go cooler to avoid damage, or hotter for really unruly hair. The blue tourmaline plates just glide through your hair and create a smooth finish. I used to have to blow my hair out straight, then flat iron it, and I'd still end up with kinks, and a ton of fly-aways. This gets my hair stick-straight (even if I let it air-dry) and tames all those little frizzies that I hate so much. I use the Solia in conjunction with my CHI Silk Infusion, and the result is super-soft, super straight, super shiney hair. What girl wouldn't want that?


Anna said...

Any recent beauty tips? How to wear a cardigan, perhaps?

BlueRaine said...

thanks for the tip :-)