Thursday, August 25, 2011

Your Ultimate Source for Style Inspiration!

I was super stoked when BuzzAgent asked me to write a review on StyleFind! This is my one stop shop for all things style. It's a quick e-mail dose of right now trends, and it's also a shopping resource. One of my pet peeves is a seeing super cute style spread, then going to try to find the items and not being able to find anything similar, or the one I do find is a super-expensive designer edition. Not so with StyleFind! Click through to shop trendy items, and often find items for $50 or less! This is my super-source for all my style secrets!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Look Better Without Makeup- In 1 Easy Step!

If you're anything like me you look in the mirror each morning and wish that you were just a little more naturally beautiful, so that you wouldn't have to spend quite so long in the mirror each morning, getting your face ready to present to the world. I present to you an easy 1-step solution that will cut down on the amount of concealer and foundation you use. What is this magic potion you ask? Self-tanner! Before you run away cringing at the thought of orange streaks, hear me out. Self-tanner can even skin tone (that what the foundation is for) and brings a little color and glow to the skin (blush/bronzer).

So how do you apply the self-tanner without ending up orange skinned like Snooki?

First, use your natural skin tone as a guide. You fair-skinned beauties don't want to buy a super-dark tanner, it'll look unnatural (and probably orange). By the same token, those of us with darker skin tones won't see any effect from the light-toned tanners. Then, judge how "tan" you'd like to end up looking to select a formula. If you simply want a hint of color and even skin tone, choose a lotion with bronzer in it (Bonus! 2-in-1!) If you'd rather look like you just got back from a tropical location, you'll probably need to choose a straight-up tanning formula. Within that there are tons of application methods, from airbrush sprays, to wipes, to good old-fashioned gels and cremes. Choose one that suits your skill level and lifestyle.

When it comes to application, start with clean, exfoliated skin. If you're using a spray, mist evenly over your body (note: you'll have to spray into your hands and rub it on your face). If you're using a gel or creme make sure to blend well, and steer clear of knees, elbows, etc. WASH YOUR HANDS WELL AFTERWARD! Orange palms are a sure giveaway of self-tanner. If you're really worried about it, wear gloves.

A couple of notes:
- You will probably need to maintain your face a bit more than the rest of your body, since we wash/ exfoliate/etc. more often.
- Made a mistake and end up with an orange patch or streaks? Don't worry, use a bit of whitening toothpaste to wash the area, and voila! problem solved.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Shop Your Closet

If you're anything like me you pore over the pages of fashion magazines, wishing you had a wardrobe that reflected those fabulously glossy pages. I usually get sucked in to a shopping spree that ends with an empty purse and an overflowing closet. And yet, every morning I have nothing to wear. It's the plight of fashionistas everywhere. I had to put a stop to it (for the sake of my checkbook and my closet)

So I started shopping my closet for the latest fashions. As I browsed through the pages of the latest fashion magazine, as usual, I tagged any outfits/ trends that caught my eye. Then I went back through, and before I booted up the computer to try to recreate that amazing outfit on page 49 I thought "Can I recreate this with clothes I already have?" Sure enough, I already had those black skinny pants that have been in for several years now. Do I really need this season's take on the cardigan, or will last year's have the same general idea? Before long I had 3-4 new outfits put together and several more that I could create by buying just a few trendy items (this fall's bright fuschia, a pair of 70's inspired trousers) I was shocked! Is it really possible to be trendy and thrifty at the same time?!

I challenge you all to grab your favorite fall fashion magazine, sit down, and give it a try! You might just discover that your "go-to" fall outfit is already in your closet!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

TRESemm√©® Color Revitalize Review

I received TRESemm√©® Color Revitalize shampoo and conditioner to try as a BzzAgent. Even though I recently dyed my hair darker, and wanted to keep it from fading, I was hesitant to use color protection hair care. My past experiences have been that color protection means sacrificing in other areas. Not so with Color Revitalize! Usually color protect shampoos are gentler (by necessity) but often at the expense of getting a good, deep clean. Color protect gives me a good clean feeling, without ever feeling harsh. I feel like it has also protected the depth and richness of my color (even with Summer quickly approaching, and the subsequent increase in time spent in the sun). The conditioner has a nice creamy texture to it, and leaves my hair feeling soft and manageable.

Overall, I recommend this system for colored hair. It works well, and the price is right!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Coming Soon- New Blog!

Hey everyone! I've decided to try my hand at a new blog "The Single Chick's Guide to Life" I hope to post about how to survive life as a single girl, everything from changing a tire to how to survive wedding season! Hope you'll check it out!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Loreal One Sweep Eyeshadow

I received this product to try as a Buzz Agent in the natural look for brown eyes. Anyone who knows me knows i tend to buy high-end eyeshadows, but I'm also an eyeshadow fiend! Give me a new color, applicator, etc and I'm there! I was super excited to receive this product, because honestly, anything that can cut down my morning makeup routine.

I was slightly disappointed when I first used this product, it's definitely not a one sweep and done type product, especially since I'm used to a more professional, structured eye look. The initial application looks a bit streaky, but I love the color combo. Once I blended a bit with a fluffy brush it started looking much better. I received this in the natural eyes, and it certainly was that. The finished product was a soft brown & lavender, which pairs well with a natural brown eye liner. Overall it may not become my everyday eyeshadow routine, but it's definitely something I will keep on hand. My recommendation is to use this product for rushed/ lazy days & easy vacation looks. I would also like to try the playful look for brown eyes and see if it would work for an easy evening look.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Brighten Eyes & Enhance Eye Color- Instantly!

I received Loreal Paris Double Extend in Black Quartz (for brown eyes) for free as a BuzzAgent. I was excited to try it out because I've been reading for a while now that professional makeup artists often use a colored, sparkly mascara as an eye brightening top coat. Loreal has made this process very convenient by putting both the mascara and top coat on one tube. An added bonus is that they
coordinate the colored top coat by eye color!

As a mascara I'd give it a solid A-, it's not clumpy and it fills out lashes nicely, but it's not the best mascara I've ever used. What makes it great is the top coat- it has a nice subtle color and just a hint of sparkle. I highly doubt anyone has noticed that I'm wearing colored mascara, but I've gotten compliments on how pretty my eyes look. I really feel that it does brighten the eyes and enhance the color.

Overall I'd say go ahead and give it a try! I'm not sure if I'll purchase it when I run out,
but I definitely haven't ruled out that possibility. Go ahead and sparkle!!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Celebrating 50 beautiful years

The next generation of COVERGIRL… is you! Visit the MyCOVERGIRL tab to celebrate and let friends and this iconic beauty brand know just what it is that makes you an easy, breezy, beautiful COVERGIRL. As part of the fun, they’ll be offering samples, fun quizzes, sweet rewards, monthly and quarterly prizes and amazing once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. Go ahead, invite your friends to the party and rock your COVERGIRL all year long!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Fun & Fashionable Facebook Page

Hi all my fabulous followers! Sorry I haven't been blogging much lately. Much of my time & creativity is going into facebook these days. If you want fun & fashionable advice head on over and "like" me! Thanks!!/ShopMesaMall