Sunday, May 31, 2009

Men's Shoes

Oh shoes. It seems like women are obsessed with them, and men just can't understand it. So today is shoe day for men. First, the basic styles every man should own.

The Loafer: This doesn't have to mean the preppy "penny loafer". It's simply a slip on leather shoe, comfortable and casual. Goes with jeans and khakis.

The Oxford: Timeless dress shoe (this one is pictured above). Goes business or formal. If you only buy one dress shoe, this is it.

The Cap-Toe Oxford (brogues): Similar to oxfords, but have a seam with tiny perforations "capping" the toe. Slightly more casual and "dandy".

The Wing Tip: Another popular dress shoe. This classic swings from business, to slightly casual, and can be worn with a suit or sportcoat.

Casual Shoes: Whether canvas or leather these are where you can most reflect your style, and the current trends. They should be comfortable, and go well with your jeans, whether you're wearing a t-shirt or a jacket. A nice pair of leather sandals is also essential for summer months.

On Shoe Shopping:
Guys, it's ok to splurge a little on your shoes, especially work shoes. Men's shoes styles don't change as frequently as women's, and chances are you wouldn't buy more even if they did. So invest in a quality pair of nice leather shoes that can last you a long time. Look for leather soles, which will last the longest, and check the leather to make sure it's firm, yet supple. Look for even stitching and a rich color. And most importantly, make sure they fit well and are comfortable.

On Shoe Care:
Don't wear the same shoe every day. Not only will people notice and think you only own one pair of shoes, it can wear out the shoe faster. It also helps your feet recover if you give them a 24-hr "break".
Don't just smash your heel into the shoe in your rush to get them on. This will wear out the heel of the shoe in a hurry. Take an extra minute, if you have to, use a shoe horn.
Loosen up the shoe before taking it off, and use your hands. If you use your toe to force the shoe off the other foot you're just wearing out your shoes that much faster.
Leave your shoes untied to put them away, this will let the shoe relax, and keep the laces intact longer.
Use a shoe tree, or at the very least a shelf.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Closet Staple- The Jacket

I have stayed up many a night watching What Not to Wear marathons, and one theme has become apparent in the made-over wardrobes. The Jacket. And no wonder, one little piece can take you so many different places. There are endless variations, and you're sure to find one that reflects your personal style. From cute feminine boleros, to leather bombers, there's a jacket for every occasion.

Jacket with a Dress: This is so versatile. Throw a blazer over your little black dress to take you straight from the office to a dinner date. Or like in the picture above, just a casual jacket over a cute dress is a stylish everyday option.

Jacket with Jeans: Almost any jacket can be paired with jeans for a polished, yet casual look. The more structured the jacket, the more polished the look. A blazer and nice jeans could take you to a casual business lunch. A softer, feminine jacket is great for a movie date. This look is also great for traveling, because the jacket can be put on or taken off as needed, and you won't look like you've been traveling all day.

Jacket with Shorts: I have a whole blog about this look, so check it out. Suffice to say, this is another cute way to wear the jacket.

I recommend having at least 3 jackets. A blazer, preferably a part of a black suit, this is a closet staple, and it should be bought as a set to ensure the blacks match. You can use this blazer separately from the rest of the suit. A "fun" jacket, something that reflects your personality and matches several different things in your wardrobe. And finally, a leather jacket. It's 3 season outerwear, it can be worn as a jacket with most of the looks above, and if you take care of it, it will last a very long time.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Kristen Stewart- Unfussy Straight Hair

Hair trends are leaning toward the slightly unfussy, and who better to flaunt this look than Twilight star Kristen Stewart. The look is polished, but not perfect. There's a slight edge of bedhead or rocker chick to it. Here's how to get the look:

Start by blowing your hair out straight using a large brush. Get some volume into the roots using a combination of a round brush on the roots, and drying your hair upside-down. When the hair is dry rub in some smoothing serum like CHI Silk Infusion. Pull back the top half of your hair, so you can focus on your underneath layers. Use a straightening iron to straighten your hair, but don't be too perfect. Leave a tiny bit of wave to your hair, you just want it mostly smooth. Then do the same to the top section of hair. After the hair is straight, tease a bit at the crown. Then use a bit of texturizing paste, like Jonathan Product Dirt, and run hands through hair, creating volume and movement. You can make it a bit "messy" but make sure the overall look stays smooth and unfrizzy. That's what will keep it looking polished, and not like you just rolled out of bed.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Summer Look- The Tunic Dress

What could be more chic than an effortless comfy dress and a big bag? This look just looks like a model off-duty, ready for a day of shopping, and lounging in cafes. I came across this look while wasting time at Lookbook. I've reconstructed the look with some great finds from Urban Outfitters.

-Dress: Silence & Noise Boatneck Tunic $42

-Bag: Kimchi Blue April Tote $49.99

-Shoes: Leather Ballet $38

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Little Something for the Redheads

To be a redhead is to have a rare beauty. However, being so rare, redhead beauty is not exactly an article that shows up in your monthly Cosmopolitan magazine. Now, I'm a brunette, but I have always wished I was born with flowing chestnut locks. I have been blessed with an extraordinary amount of redheaded friends, and I thought I'd show them a little love today.

Hair- Please, whatever you do, don't dye your hair to that fake red color. It's so pretty the way it is. You can, however, enhance the color. I recommend using John Frieda's Radiant Red line. It's a really subtle enhancement. If you really feel like your hair has faded, go to a nice salon to get your color. Cheaper red haircolors often look more maroon, and fake. Red hair also looks really nice with some subtle blonde highlights to brighten it up.

Makeup- Try a tinted moisturizer instead of foundation. It will even out your skin tone, without looking cakey, and your natural freckles can come through. Use a light concealer under your eyes, and wherever you need it. Again, go for something not too heavy. Heavy makeup is not the friend of the fair-skinned.

As far colors go, go for the most sheer, light shades you can find. You will benefit from layering on more of a light shade, rather than just dumping on a bright color. Steer clear of red undertones.

For eyeshadow, go for the colors named things like sand or bisque or warm. Go for neutrals and golds. Gold shimmers will play up the golden highlights in your hair. I have also seen a sheer pastel lavender eyeshadow look pretty. Again, the secret is starting with a light dusting and building up.

Stick with warm browns for your eyeliner and mascara, anything else will look too heavy. You may choose to go with a brown-black for special occasions, but if you're fair-skinned don't go darker than that. While most people look better with eyebrows a shade or so lighter than their hair, redheads tend to benefit from the opposite, taking the brows half a shade to a shade darker to avoid looking too washed out.

Peaches and beiges are great choices as far as blush and lip color goes (peach is a great eyeshadow too), you can even push the oranginess to a terra-cotta color. Thankfully, orange and peach tones seem to be in vouge for everyone, so it's a bit easier to find. Steer clear of blue-red lipstick tones. Redheads can pull off a bit of bronzer too, just keep it in the golden shades, and use a light hand with a big fluffy brush.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sites I Love

There are a few sites I regularly visit to stay up on the latest trends, and to infuse my daily style with something fresh and fun. These are the top 3 that I recommend you check out:


Takes runway trends and translates them into everyday wearable fashion. Also a few beauty tips. Just all over a fun site to browse.


This is my go to site for hair and makeup ideas. She also has a YouTube channel. Great step-by-step instructions and product reviews.


Celebrity style, top designer trends, and great LookBook finds! It's all your favorite things about reading a magazine on the internet. Also check out all the other Sugar sites, including BellaSugar which dishes out on beauty.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Keira Knightly- Hair and Makeup

I adore Keira Knightly's style. She always looks so glamorous on the red carpet. So I decided to steal this look for an everyday hair and makeup idea.

Makeup- Keira always has fresh glowing skin, so use just enough concealer and/ or foundation to even out your skin tone, and keep powder to a minimum.

Dust a bit of shimmer bronzer on your cheekbones, temples, and eyelids. Next, take a medium beige eyeshadow and cover your lid from lashes to brows, and take some underneath your eye as well. Then take a darker brown around the outer corners and your crease. Use a shimmery medium brown just on the center of the lid, below the crease, and finish off with a shimmery white under the brow and on the inner corners of your eyes.

Now use a black eyeliner to rim the eyes in black, going along the waterline and smudging outward. Then use a brush to smudge it even more. Curl the lashes and coat with a black mascara.

Fluff a soft pink blush high on the cheekbones. And finish off the look with a pink lip gloss.

When I wear this look in the daytime I use softer browns, and go a bit lighter on the eyeliner. For night I go every bit as heavy as Ms. Knightly's look above.

Hair- Add a bit of smoothing serum to dry hair. Tease hair at the crown (just a little). Use a large curling iron (1 1/4- 1 1/2 in) and take large sections of your hair and curl the ends. Pull your hair into a low ponytail, slightly to the side (you can leave the top a bit messy) Touch up the ends with the curling iron as needed, and curl your front layers. Spray with some hairspray.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Men- How to Look Your Best

When he's not running around threatening people with knives that come out of his hands, Hugh Jackman is arguably one of the most stylish men in Hollywood. Here are a few styling tips that will help you look your best when you leave the house. Courtesy of (probably one of the best men's websites out there)

-Take A Shower: Being clean is a huge step towards looking better. Taking one in the morning will help you avoid bedhead, and shower gel can keep you smelling fresh if you don't care to wear cologne.

-Groom Your Hair: Basically make sure your hair is clean and somewhat styled. Check body and facial hair to avoid out-of-control growth or crazy rebel hairs.

-Wash Your Hands: I understand. Men like to do dirty things, and as a result end up with paint and dirt and grease all over their hands. But there is nothing that's a bigger turn off than a guy with filthy hands. Please, if your going on a date or an interview, make an effort to clean them up.

-Lip Balm: You don't have to use it excessively, but trust me, this one's important.

-Dress Well: Just make sure your clothes aren't wrinkled, smelly, or stained.

-Check the Mirror: As you go through the day, look at yourself in the mirror occasionally. Make sure you haven't spilled on your clothes, there's nothing in your teeth, etc. You may also want to check your smell. Better to catch these things before people can judge you for them.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

America's Next Top Model Makeup

You probably recognize him from "America's Next Top Model", Mr. Jay. Now Jay Manuel has his own show, and he's dishing out all the style tips of the stars. If you want to learn how to look like a star, this is the show to watch. Some tips I've picked up so far:

-Use bronzer to get a glow. Dust on your cheekbones, around your temples and hairline. Also use it as a base for your eye shadow, brush on your eyelids, and line your eyes with it. It looks a little odd at first, but once you layer your shadow on top, it will really pop your eyes.

- When putting on your foundation, start in the center of your face and work out. This will give you the most natural finish. (I also like to wet my sponge a bit to keep my foundation from getting too cakey.)

- Don't fill in the entire brow, just any areas that are thin or need shaping. This helps keep the brow from becoming too dark or fake looking.

- Use a light, sheer eyeshadow under brow and on the inner corners of the eye. This opens and brightens the eye. Then take a soft neutral tone and sweep over the entire lid, and smudge under the eye for that movie star smolder for the daytime. Lightly rim the eye with a dark brown or black liner on the bottom, then blink a few times so it "bleeds" to the top lid. Then add a light layer of mascara to complete the look.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Beauty Tips

Here are a bunch of random things that just couldn't quite justify an entire blog, but I thought were very useful.

-The new mascara brushes: I am totally in love with these, helps reduce clumping and makes lashes fuller. Try LashBlast by Covergirl (also liking the luxe version which has a bit of shimmer)

- Baby oil: I live in a very dry climate, so my skin dries out fast. I combat this by using baby oil as a moisturizer right when I get out of the shower, I don't even dry off first. Just use a bit so your skin doesn't stay really oily. Plus it's super cheap!

- Tresseme Curl Activator Spray: Love this! Helps my curls stay all day. I recommend it to anyone who loves curly hair, but has trouble keeping them in.

- Shine boosters: These are kind of like a clear hair dye. It seals the cuticles and makes your hair look as shiny as it does after you dye it, but it doesn't change the color.

- Coffee grounds: Ok. This one is gonna sound a little weird. Used coffee grounds can help fight cellulite. The best is to rub them on, let them sit for a while, then wash them off. If I'm in a hurry I'll just rub them on in the shower. It makes a mess, so be prepared for that. Also, you have to stick with it (it's not instant magic, try it for a week or so and see if you notice a difference). I heard about this one from an ex-model. Something about the combination of exfoliation and the caffiene is supposed to make your cellulite less noticable.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Fashion Icon- Olivia Palermo

Socialite Olivia Palermo has a wardrobe any girl would envy, paired with a sleek, elegant sense of style. It's no wonder she's my latest fashion idol. She uses a lot of black, which is very classic and stylish, but pairs it with fun colors and interesting shapes. She also wears a lot of cardigans and jackets over dresses. I love the top look, a dinner jacket over an evening dress. Very elegant. I also love her giant bags, which are very popular right now. And the middle bottom picture- a long cardigan belted over a dress- could be worn for numerous occasions: a dinner date, meeting the parents, business casual.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Best Beauty Site

I love Folica. It's one of the best sites out there for hair and beauty products. There are tons of user reviews and tips. I have had wonderful success with anything that's a "Best of Folica" product, including my Soila hair straightener, and CHI Silk Infusion. If you're looking for any hair related product I recoomend you start here!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Summer Look- Floral Dress with Gladiator Heels

Take a style page from the book of Carrie Bradshaw. I especially love the first look for summer. A cute floral, feminine dress, paired with gladiator heels. It's a super chic look for a summer on the town!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Summer Eatin'

Ah the warm days of summer. Unfortunately, with them they bring my deadliest enemy, ice cream. Just thinking about the calories and fat in a bowl of cookie dough ice cream makes me feel fat (and hungry). But there's another summer treat that's a little more harmless. The Popsicle. It's cold and refreshing just like ice cream, but if you choose wisely it will have less fat (and maybe even be healthy!). Popsicles take longer to eat, so you can trick your brain into feeling more satisfied. Some of the best options for popsicles are:

The Classic: If you feel like reliving your childhood try the Sugar-Free Popsicle brand. No fat, no sugar, and only 15 calories. Plus all your favorite flavors (cherry was always my favorite).

The Healthy Option: Go to Whole Foods (or somewhere like it) and find an Organic fruit juice popsicle. Just make sure to stay away from any added sugar, it can still lurk in health food stores.

The Homemade: Loads of fun, and you know what's in it. Use your favorite healthy juice, smoothie, or even a meal shake to make popsicles in your own freezer. You can even add pieces of fresh fruit. There are literally loads of recipes on the internet. Try some this summer!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Guy's Casual- the essentials

I promised my friend that Sundays would be for the boys. So here it goes:

Men's Key Casual Pieces-

-The Jean: Really. What boy isn't without his favorite pair. Find a pair in a medium-dark wash, 5-pocket style. Don't be afraid to shop around. When you find the pair that fits you well in the length and the waist, buy 2!

-The Black Button-up: Goes with everything, dresses up and dresses down. These fade, so when you buy a new one, save it for nicer occasions, as it fades rotate into your more casual wardrobe.

- Polos: These don't have to look preppy. Pair them with cargo shorts or jeans. Or try it under a sportcoat.

- Cargo Shorts: Super casual. Tons of pockets for all your stuff. Grey and Khaki will match the most in your wardrobe.

- The Canvas Belt: Goes with everything, and holds up your pants! Goes with your cargo shorts and jeans much better than your nice work belt (also keeps your nice belts from wearing out as fast).

- The Sportcoat: More deconstructed then the work blazer. Great way to dress up jeans or khakis (tip: sportcoat and nice jeans is a great "meet the parents" kind of outfit). Make sure it fits in the arm length and the shoulders. Again grey and brown or khaki are great colors to start with.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Katy Perry's Makeup

I've been listening to Katy Perry like crazy in the last few months, and one thing that everyone seems to love about her is her pin-up girl glam makeup. So I thought I'd post a few hints on how to take a page from her makeup book.

Skin: This is the type of look that needs "the works". Concealer, foundation, and powder. The idea is to go for matte with a bit of shimmer, rather than a sheer glow. But keep it natural, you still don't want too look like you're wearing a mask.

Cheeks: Pull out your girliest, bubblegum pink blush and fluff onto the apples of your cheeks.

Lips: There's no halfway here. Katy either has nude lips, or bright pink, red, etc. It really is up to you, but if you're going for a night look try going bright.

Eyes: This is the key to the whole look. There are several elements that go into this eye. First brush your entire lid with a shimmery off-white or beige eyeshadow. Go from lashes to brow. If you want a bolder look, pick a bright shimmery color (like the lime-green in the "Hot-N-Cold" video) and go over the lid, just from lash to crease. If you want to keep it subtle go over this part of the lid with a light pink shimmer, or just another layer of the off-white.

Next use liquid eyeliner to create the "cat eyes". Again, if you want a dramatic look make a thick line with a bigger "swoop", and if it's a more subtle day look, keep it thinner. This is the key to the whole pin-up look, so take your time here and make sure you like it.

False eyelashes are the finishing touch of Katy's look. If you want to go all the way, you must have these. If you choose to go without them, make sure you use plenty of mascara, on both sides of the lashes, and do several coats. You want long, thick lashes.

Friday, May 15, 2009

On the Bathroom Counter- CHI Silk Infusion

This is one of those products that I've been waffling over forever. I kept reading great reviews online, but hesitated a bit at buying another hair product. Could it really be that much greater than the other million products lurking in my bathroom?

Finally I gave in and got a 2-oz bottle at ULTA. (Great store! But that's a tale for another day) I am totally loving it! I have kind of oily hair, but a ton of baby hairs growing back in right now, plus I have that sort-of wave that looks like Farrah Fawcett just got out of bed. Great right? Oily, wavy, and frizzy. Just a tiny drop of this, (seriously, less than a tic-tac for long hair) and my hair is smooth as silk, but not oily looking. I've even noticed an improvement in my hair's smoothness when it's clean. I just rub a bit into my dry hair, and then style away! Thanks CHI!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Summer Look- Blazer With Shorts

This trend has been popping up on runways and in Hollywood for quite some time. Pairing shorts or a shorter skirt with a blazer. The blazer adds a more polished, tailored look to the shorts, while still seeming effortless. I've also seen this look with a cardigan, very cute, and a little more casual.

Things to consider when putting together this outfit:

-Proportions: As in the picture above, a long jacket should be paired with short shorts, to avoid looking frumpy. A cropped jacket can look cute with bermuda shorts. This pairing is essential to pulling off the look, so mix and match until you find a combination that suits you.

- The Underpinning: A t-shirt or tank can look cute and casual, especially if it has a fun image on the front. A silk blouse or button-up shirt will look more tailored and polished. It all depends on the look you're going for.

- The Accessories: This is a great place to use the scarf. You might also try it with a long, fun necklace or a great pair of chandelier earrings. As far as shoes go, I've seen this look pulled off with everything from heels, to gladiator flats, to flip-flops. Again, it all depends on the look your going for.

This look is supposed to be fun, so just play and find the variation that works for you.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Effortless Style- The buzzwords of summer hair

Oh summer, a time for flip-flops, cute skirts, and of course beach hair. I believe tousled hair became the official 'do of summertime because no one really wants to spend an hour in a stuffy bathroom with hot tools. Plus, beach hair exudes that effortless style that makes people believe you're just naturally beautiful, so much so that you don't even do your hair, it just ends up that way.

Some tips on scoring this undone look:
- Braid your hair and sleep on it (especially great for those who have little to no natural wave)
- Using a brush or comb is forbidden, use your fingers instead
- Use a texture spray or paste, anything with salt will encourage "beach head"
- A curling iron can also be helpful in creating this look, just make sure they are more of loose "twists" and vary the size, direction, and spiral tightness often.

Another easy summer option- The messy bun. Check out this great tutorial:

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I've Died and Gone to Shopping Heaven!

Ok, ok. I admit it. I'm a bit of a shopaholic... maybe more than a bit. But this is like the Mecca of all online designer sale sites. Just in the short time I've been a member they've had D&G, Vera Wang Lavender Label, and Marc Jacobs bags (for a stunning half off! I just about fell over backwards.) And unlike some sale sites, all the good stuff isn't gone by the time I get around to checking it out. Trust me, it's worth swinging by every once in a while, just to see what they have.

Check it out! (or don't, it leaves more good stuff for me!)

Monday, May 11, 2009

Diet Friendly Breakfast

We've all had it pounded into our heads, eating breakfast is healthy, and can help with weight-loss. However, so many breakfast options do more harm than good. Even an innocent sounding scone can be hiding 500 calories, and often leave you unsatisfied. And who really has the time or money to whip up the ideal healthy breakfast every single day?

I found my breakfast savior at Starbucks. Coffee and an oatmeal. Quick, simple, cheap, and incredibly satisfying. Ideally I should get a black coffee and plain oatmeal, an 8 oz cup of black brew has all of 2 calories in it, and a plain bowl of oatmeal has under 100 (not to mention all that fiber!). But seriously, where's the fun in that. Go ahead, add some toppings! Just not all at once. Get the fruit one day, the brown sugar the next. Try it with Splenda as the sweetener, who knows you may just like it. And as for the coffee, adding a little sugar and skim milk will add minimal calories, and the milk is a great source of calcium.

And for those of you who simply MUST have a latte, try Starbucks' Breakfast Pairing. It's only $3.95 for an oatmeal and tall latte. Getting it with skim milk will keep your calorie count down, and if you must have more coffee try adding an extra shot rather than upsizing.

Give it a try! You'll find yourself more satisfied, and maybe it'll even help you shed a few pounds!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Scarves- The "it" accessory.

I had a question about what the deal with scarves was, especially in the summer time. The truth is that it's a super casual way to glam up an outfit. It gives that "off-duty model" look in an instant. As you can see above, Jessica Alba proves that it can be worn with almost any outfit. The easiest way to create this look is to fold a long scarf in half, wrap it around your neck, and pull the ends through. I find that a thinner cotton is great in the summer, but silk and cashmere are always classic choices too. Another way to wear it is to just wrap it haphazardly around the neck. It's supposed to be casual, so don't worry about being too uptight.

And just a little shout out to my boys, the scarf is also a hot trend for you. It can be tucked in to a jacket for a super-glam look, wear it with a sweater for a preppy look, or just throw it on with a t-shirt and jeans for an easy, fun outfit.
One final thought. American Apparel has a great "circle scarf" basically it's a scarf sewn into a circle, like a scarf necklace, that you can twist into any fabulous shape you choose. Yet another great way to rock the scarf!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

One Piece, Endless Possibilities

There is one piece in my closet that literally does go with everything, the DKNY cozy. This great little sweater wraps and twists to transform into a whole variety of looks. It's a great piece to take on vacation because it takes up very little space, and it can become anything from a scarf, to a cardigan, to an evening wrap.

Check out just a few of the ways to wear it here:

At just under $200, it may seem like a splurge, but you are literally getting dozens of sweaters for that price.

My New Blog

Hey Everyone.

I've started this new blog as a collection of beauty and fashion related wisdom that I've gleaned from a variety of sources through the years. Hopefully I can pass it on, and you'll find it useful too.

I decided on the name "The Girl in Heels", first because it reminded me of "The Girl in the Green Scarf", from "Confessions of a Shopaholic" (which is a great movie, by the way). And second, because that is often how I'm known. I've had random people from my school that I don't even know say "You go to my school don't you? I know you because you're that girl in heels." And I thought, who better to dish on fashion and beauty advice than "that girl in heels".