Monday, May 11, 2009

Diet Friendly Breakfast

We've all had it pounded into our heads, eating breakfast is healthy, and can help with weight-loss. However, so many breakfast options do more harm than good. Even an innocent sounding scone can be hiding 500 calories, and often leave you unsatisfied. And who really has the time or money to whip up the ideal healthy breakfast every single day?

I found my breakfast savior at Starbucks. Coffee and an oatmeal. Quick, simple, cheap, and incredibly satisfying. Ideally I should get a black coffee and plain oatmeal, an 8 oz cup of black brew has all of 2 calories in it, and a plain bowl of oatmeal has under 100 (not to mention all that fiber!). But seriously, where's the fun in that. Go ahead, add some toppings! Just not all at once. Get the fruit one day, the brown sugar the next. Try it with Splenda as the sweetener, who knows you may just like it. And as for the coffee, adding a little sugar and skim milk will add minimal calories, and the milk is a great source of calcium.

And for those of you who simply MUST have a latte, try Starbucks' Breakfast Pairing. It's only $3.95 for an oatmeal and tall latte. Getting it with skim milk will keep your calorie count down, and if you must have more coffee try adding an extra shot rather than upsizing.

Give it a try! You'll find yourself more satisfied, and maybe it'll even help you shed a few pounds!

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