Sunday, May 31, 2009

Men's Shoes

Oh shoes. It seems like women are obsessed with them, and men just can't understand it. So today is shoe day for men. First, the basic styles every man should own.

The Loafer: This doesn't have to mean the preppy "penny loafer". It's simply a slip on leather shoe, comfortable and casual. Goes with jeans and khakis.

The Oxford: Timeless dress shoe (this one is pictured above). Goes business or formal. If you only buy one dress shoe, this is it.

The Cap-Toe Oxford (brogues): Similar to oxfords, but have a seam with tiny perforations "capping" the toe. Slightly more casual and "dandy".

The Wing Tip: Another popular dress shoe. This classic swings from business, to slightly casual, and can be worn with a suit or sportcoat.

Casual Shoes: Whether canvas or leather these are where you can most reflect your style, and the current trends. They should be comfortable, and go well with your jeans, whether you're wearing a t-shirt or a jacket. A nice pair of leather sandals is also essential for summer months.

On Shoe Shopping:
Guys, it's ok to splurge a little on your shoes, especially work shoes. Men's shoes styles don't change as frequently as women's, and chances are you wouldn't buy more even if they did. So invest in a quality pair of nice leather shoes that can last you a long time. Look for leather soles, which will last the longest, and check the leather to make sure it's firm, yet supple. Look for even stitching and a rich color. And most importantly, make sure they fit well and are comfortable.

On Shoe Care:
Don't wear the same shoe every day. Not only will people notice and think you only own one pair of shoes, it can wear out the shoe faster. It also helps your feet recover if you give them a 24-hr "break".
Don't just smash your heel into the shoe in your rush to get them on. This will wear out the heel of the shoe in a hurry. Take an extra minute, if you have to, use a shoe horn.
Loosen up the shoe before taking it off, and use your hands. If you use your toe to force the shoe off the other foot you're just wearing out your shoes that much faster.
Leave your shoes untied to put them away, this will let the shoe relax, and keep the laces intact longer.
Use a shoe tree, or at the very least a shelf.

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Anonymous said...

Actually, the pictures shoe is not an Oxford. Oxfords have the eyelet tabs sewn underneath the upper.