Thursday, May 14, 2009

Summer Look- Blazer With Shorts

This trend has been popping up on runways and in Hollywood for quite some time. Pairing shorts or a shorter skirt with a blazer. The blazer adds a more polished, tailored look to the shorts, while still seeming effortless. I've also seen this look with a cardigan, very cute, and a little more casual.

Things to consider when putting together this outfit:

-Proportions: As in the picture above, a long jacket should be paired with short shorts, to avoid looking frumpy. A cropped jacket can look cute with bermuda shorts. This pairing is essential to pulling off the look, so mix and match until you find a combination that suits you.

- The Underpinning: A t-shirt or tank can look cute and casual, especially if it has a fun image on the front. A silk blouse or button-up shirt will look more tailored and polished. It all depends on the look you're going for.

- The Accessories: This is a great place to use the scarf. You might also try it with a long, fun necklace or a great pair of chandelier earrings. As far as shoes go, I've seen this look pulled off with everything from heels, to gladiator flats, to flip-flops. Again, it all depends on the look your going for.

This look is supposed to be fun, so just play and find the variation that works for you.

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