Sunday, May 17, 2009

Guy's Casual- the essentials

I promised my friend that Sundays would be for the boys. So here it goes:

Men's Key Casual Pieces-

-The Jean: Really. What boy isn't without his favorite pair. Find a pair in a medium-dark wash, 5-pocket style. Don't be afraid to shop around. When you find the pair that fits you well in the length and the waist, buy 2!

-The Black Button-up: Goes with everything, dresses up and dresses down. These fade, so when you buy a new one, save it for nicer occasions, as it fades rotate into your more casual wardrobe.

- Polos: These don't have to look preppy. Pair them with cargo shorts or jeans. Or try it under a sportcoat.

- Cargo Shorts: Super casual. Tons of pockets for all your stuff. Grey and Khaki will match the most in your wardrobe.

- The Canvas Belt: Goes with everything, and holds up your pants! Goes with your cargo shorts and jeans much better than your nice work belt (also keeps your nice belts from wearing out as fast).

- The Sportcoat: More deconstructed then the work blazer. Great way to dress up jeans or khakis (tip: sportcoat and nice jeans is a great "meet the parents" kind of outfit). Make sure it fits in the arm length and the shoulders. Again grey and brown or khaki are great colors to start with.

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