Saturday, May 30, 2009

Closet Staple- The Jacket

I have stayed up many a night watching What Not to Wear marathons, and one theme has become apparent in the made-over wardrobes. The Jacket. And no wonder, one little piece can take you so many different places. There are endless variations, and you're sure to find one that reflects your personal style. From cute feminine boleros, to leather bombers, there's a jacket for every occasion.

Jacket with a Dress: This is so versatile. Throw a blazer over your little black dress to take you straight from the office to a dinner date. Or like in the picture above, just a casual jacket over a cute dress is a stylish everyday option.

Jacket with Jeans: Almost any jacket can be paired with jeans for a polished, yet casual look. The more structured the jacket, the more polished the look. A blazer and nice jeans could take you to a casual business lunch. A softer, feminine jacket is great for a movie date. This look is also great for traveling, because the jacket can be put on or taken off as needed, and you won't look like you've been traveling all day.

Jacket with Shorts: I have a whole blog about this look, so check it out. Suffice to say, this is another cute way to wear the jacket.

I recommend having at least 3 jackets. A blazer, preferably a part of a black suit, this is a closet staple, and it should be bought as a set to ensure the blacks match. You can use this blazer separately from the rest of the suit. A "fun" jacket, something that reflects your personality and matches several different things in your wardrobe. And finally, a leather jacket. It's 3 season outerwear, it can be worn as a jacket with most of the looks above, and if you take care of it, it will last a very long time.