Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Effortless Style- The buzzwords of summer hair

Oh summer, a time for flip-flops, cute skirts, and of course beach hair. I believe tousled hair became the official 'do of summertime because no one really wants to spend an hour in a stuffy bathroom with hot tools. Plus, beach hair exudes that effortless style that makes people believe you're just naturally beautiful, so much so that you don't even do your hair, it just ends up that way.

Some tips on scoring this undone look:
- Braid your hair and sleep on it (especially great for those who have little to no natural wave)
- Using a brush or comb is forbidden, use your fingers instead
- Use a texture spray or paste, anything with salt will encourage "beach head"
- A curling iron can also be helpful in creating this look, just make sure they are more of loose "twists" and vary the size, direction, and spiral tightness often.

Another easy summer option- The messy bun. Check out this great tutorial:

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