Monday, May 18, 2009

Summer Eatin'

Ah the warm days of summer. Unfortunately, with them they bring my deadliest enemy, ice cream. Just thinking about the calories and fat in a bowl of cookie dough ice cream makes me feel fat (and hungry). But there's another summer treat that's a little more harmless. The Popsicle. It's cold and refreshing just like ice cream, but if you choose wisely it will have less fat (and maybe even be healthy!). Popsicles take longer to eat, so you can trick your brain into feeling more satisfied. Some of the best options for popsicles are:

The Classic: If you feel like reliving your childhood try the Sugar-Free Popsicle brand. No fat, no sugar, and only 15 calories. Plus all your favorite flavors (cherry was always my favorite).

The Healthy Option: Go to Whole Foods (or somewhere like it) and find an Organic fruit juice popsicle. Just make sure to stay away from any added sugar, it can still lurk in health food stores.

The Homemade: Loads of fun, and you know what's in it. Use your favorite healthy juice, smoothie, or even a meal shake to make popsicles in your own freezer. You can even add pieces of fresh fruit. There are literally loads of recipes on the internet. Try some this summer!

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