Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Look Better Without Makeup- In 1 Easy Step!

If you're anything like me you look in the mirror each morning and wish that you were just a little more naturally beautiful, so that you wouldn't have to spend quite so long in the mirror each morning, getting your face ready to present to the world. I present to you an easy 1-step solution that will cut down on the amount of concealer and foundation you use. What is this magic potion you ask? Self-tanner! Before you run away cringing at the thought of orange streaks, hear me out. Self-tanner can even skin tone (that what the foundation is for) and brings a little color and glow to the skin (blush/bronzer).

So how do you apply the self-tanner without ending up orange skinned like Snooki?

First, use your natural skin tone as a guide. You fair-skinned beauties don't want to buy a super-dark tanner, it'll look unnatural (and probably orange). By the same token, those of us with darker skin tones won't see any effect from the light-toned tanners. Then, judge how "tan" you'd like to end up looking to select a formula. If you simply want a hint of color and even skin tone, choose a lotion with bronzer in it (Bonus! 2-in-1!) If you'd rather look like you just got back from a tropical location, you'll probably need to choose a straight-up tanning formula. Within that there are tons of application methods, from airbrush sprays, to wipes, to good old-fashioned gels and cremes. Choose one that suits your skill level and lifestyle.

When it comes to application, start with clean, exfoliated skin. If you're using a spray, mist evenly over your body (note: you'll have to spray into your hands and rub it on your face). If you're using a gel or creme make sure to blend well, and steer clear of knees, elbows, etc. WASH YOUR HANDS WELL AFTERWARD! Orange palms are a sure giveaway of self-tanner. If you're really worried about it, wear gloves.

A couple of notes:
- You will probably need to maintain your face a bit more than the rest of your body, since we wash/ exfoliate/etc. more often.
- Made a mistake and end up with an orange patch or streaks? Don't worry, use a bit of whitening toothpaste to wash the area, and voila! problem solved.

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katie said...

Haha. Oh snooki. These are great tips. I'm a repeat offender for self bronzer and hopefully I'll look a little less snooki-ized now :)