Monday, June 15, 2009

Diet Like a Model

I hate the checkout at the grocery store. There I am with my cart full of food, waiting to checkout, I look up, and I'm confronted by dozens of magazines sport uber-slim models and actresses. Suddenly I'm regretting picking up my Ben & Jerry's. I always wonder, "What would they have in their grocery cart?" So, I finally decided to do some research to find out.

Eggs: Heidi Klum supposedly munches on hard-boiled egg whites to keep her hunger at bay. I also find this makes a good breakfast. I just scramble up a few egg-whites with a little salt and pepper. If you can't stand just plain egg whites, add just a touch of the yolk for some flavor.

Jellybeans: Ok, this one sounds weird, but it's true. Jellybeans have no fat and only about 50 or so calories for every 10. So when you need something sweet to eat, reach for a few jellybeans instead of a cupcake.

Apples and Cheese: Marissa Miller says she snacks on apples and a couple slices of cheese. Delicious and satisfying!

Water, Water, Water: It flushes out your system, keeps you hydrated... and it's much better for you than sugary drinks.

Sushi: It's lean protein, and high in omega-3's. Plus eating several small rolls seems more satisfying to your body than eating just one small steak.

Nuts: Karolina Kurkova has a small handful of nuts (about 10) to help keep her full. They're full of good fats, and they're very satisfying.

Carrots: Ah, the good old rabbit food. But it's filling, and chock-full of vitamin A.

I know all of these sound like small snacks, rather than meals. But if possible, it's better for your metabolism to eat small portions throughout the day, rather than eating big meals. Just make sure you're controlling what you munch.

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