Monday, June 29, 2009

How to Fake Airbrushed Makeup

Ok. Since yesterday I wished for an airbrush to apply my foundation, I thought today I'd blog about how to fake it.

-Use a stipple brush (like MAC 187) and use it one of two ways:

Dab the tip into some liquid foundation, and use a stippling effect over the whole face. Stippling is simply a tapping motion (rather than brushing or rubbing) lightly do this across the entire face until the foundation has blended in, and the desired coverage is achieved.


Use your finger to dot liquid foundation onto the face in key areas, the forehead, cheeks, chin; then use the stippling brush in a swirling motion across the face to blend in the foundation.

Finish off by using a very large powder brush and sweeping your powder across the face in small circular motions.

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