Saturday, June 20, 2009

Tips for the Perfect Blow Out

I know most of us wish we could have super shiny, sleek locks like Jennifer Aniston is famous for sporting. Here are some pro tips that can help you get a red carpet blow out at home.

You Should Know:
That even professional stylists feel they get a better blow out when someone else does their hair. This is partially because there are better angles when your standing over someone, rather than holding your own arms above your head. Also, stylists blow out several styles a day, and they've often been styling for years. Of course that's going to produce better results than you may be capable of at home. Don't let it get you down, use these tips and do your best!

Wring It Out: Trying to dry dripping wet hair will not only be time consuming, but your results will be less than perfect. Towel dry hair first, and if you have time, let it air dry for a few minutes as well. (I usually moisturize my face, and pick out an outfit during this time)

A Downward Flow: For the shiniest of tresses the air should flow down the hair shaft, smoothing the cuticle. This means holding the hair dryer high above your head and keeping it aimed down. Some stylists recommend bending over and blowing upside-down, but this tends to ruffle the hair. If you truly want the smoothest hair, stay upright and use a brush to get volume.

Speaking Of Brushes: Depending on the style you want, you'll need to choose the proper brush. A paddle brush is the standard for straight styles, while a round brush will give you volume and texture. If your hair is prone to frizz, don't use your fingers. (However, this is a great technique for a little natural texture)

Divide And Conquer: Clip your hair into separate sections. The more unruly your hair is (or the straighter you want it), the smaller those sections should be. Be careful when clipping already dried hair though, you don't want to create kinks in your smooth 'do. You will want to start drying at the back of your head and work forward (unless you have a particularly difficult area, then start there). Dry your roots first, and then move on to the ends. In fact, the ends may be almost dry by the time your done with your roots.

Perfect Product Placement: When prepping your locks for a blow out, you should take into consideration your hair's texture. Thin or fine hair does best with a light mousse that won't weigh hair down, while thick or curly hair needs a stronger gel or wax that will tame the unruly locks. Also consider using a finishing product, like a smoothing serum or straightening balm. The amount of product you use will again depend on your hair's texture.

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