Wednesday, June 24, 2009

On The Bathroom Counter

It's that time again, where I just randomly rave about things that I currently have in my bathroom. Enjoy!

St. Ives Cellulite Shield Advanced Body Moisturizer-
I know, I know. It sounds too good to be true. Just moisturize your body like you always have and your cellulite will just melt away. But, being the beauty junkie that I am, I had to try it. I'm not claiming that it's the miracle product, but it does work. It firms and smooths, plus it actually does a pretty decent job of moisturizing. I may have to go back and try their targeted treatment as well, St. Ives Cellulite Shield Gel Creme.

St. Ives Apricot Scrub-
While I'm on a St. Ives tangent, I can't neglect to mention the Apricot Scrub. Some people think this is too harsh, but it really depends on how hard you scrub. I use this every morning to remove the dead skin cells before I put on my makeup. I'm pretty sure this would make it into the list of things I'd need with me on a remote island.

Neutrogena Light Night Cream-
I love everything by Neutrogena. Their products are gentle and don't clog pores. This night cream is light, and not greasy or heavy at all. Plus it's non-comedogenic. It also does the job of an intense moisturizer, so I wake up in the morning with soft, smooth skin.

Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer-
I'm pretty sure this is the greatest invention ever. It evens out skin tone, and adds a bit of color, without the hassle (or the streaking) of other self-tanners. It's so easy to use, and keeps me glowing even in the dead of winter.

My hair is pretty weak to begin with (my brother got the lovely think hair), and then I go and abuse it practically every day. Needless to say, more hair ends up in my brush, and all over the bathroom than is actually on my head. I started using the whole Nioxin system a few weeks back, and I've already noticed fewer hairs are falling out. And every hair saved means my hair is just that much thicker. I'm excited to see how my hair improves in the next few months.

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