Friday, June 12, 2009

Quick Beauty Tips

Let's be honest. Who really has the time to dedicate to all the beauty duties we really should do every day? Part of the reason models and movie stars look so gorgeous all the time, (besides access to premiere stylists) is that it's part of their job description to set aside time to care for themselves. So where does that leave the rest of us? Here are a few quick tips for the fashionistas on the go.

Moisturize: Ideally you should have a morning and an evening moisturizer. The AM moisturizer should be light, have a bit of shimmer, and an SPF to protect you through the day. Put it on after you wash your face, and let it absorb a few minutes before applying makeup. Moisturized skin will not only look better, but it helps your foundation spread evenly and not look cakey. If you're really in a rush, try a tinted moisturizer to combine 2 steps in one. The PM moisturizer should be a bit heavier, and this is where you can add an extra benefit (such as anti-aging, or deep moisturizing)

Brighten: Use light shimmery colors on the face. Dust the cheeks with an illuminating powder, or at least a soft, shimmery pink. Use very light, sheer colors on the lids. Line the insides of the eyes with a white pencil. However you can add illumination to your face will help you look younger and more awake. A word of advice though, I said shimmer, not glitter. Big glitter flakes on your face can either make you look like a teeny-bopper, or a club-bunny. Not a good idea for a day at the office.

Brows: Make sure you've plucked any stray hairs. Put a little hairspray on your finger, and run it over the brow. This will insure that your brows will stay in place all day. Lightly fill in any bare spots. Brows frame the face, and can often make or break a look.

Lashes: Curl your lashes. It may seem like a superfluous step, but it can really open up the eye. Also take a little extra time and add a second coat. Even if you don't do anything else to your face, a set of glamorous lashes can be very sexy.

Lips: Buy a colored Chapstick. That's right, go back to Jr. High, and buy the cute bubblegum LipSmackers. It will help moisturize your lips, and add just a tiny hint of color. (I really like the Dr. Pepper one!) Plus they taste good!

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